Heart of a Viking

My final film created during my time at The Animation Workshop, Denmark (Top 9th Animation school, in the world). 26 days, one woman, one machine and one global pandemic.

Everything from idea to final renders all done in the 26 days deadline, under the wondeful guidance of my mentors from my little office here in the UK.

Is it good enough? A great Tutor pointed out to me that if you’ve done everything you can within the constraints that you have, then yes it is.


3D Animations

Maintenance Mike

Maintenance Mike

A Screen shot from the Maintenance Mike Animation

This was a short 3D animation introducing Maintenance Mike and his hands-free capabilities. This was going to be the beginning of a series of shorts, each explaining different aspects of the software included within Maintenance Pro. I Story boarded, modeled, textured, rigged, animated and did the post-production work to this piece all within the months deadline.

Bone Appetite

Bone Appétit

This was a short animation created in Maya. In this piece I really wanted to concentrate on weight and keeping it simple. This is by far one of my most favourite personal projects and what made me fall in love with Character Animation.

Bone Appetit from Simone Hunt on Vimeo.

2D Animations

Workflo + Infographic video


A still from the WorkFlo+ Animation

This Infographic inspired animation was created in After Effects for Ikanos Consulting’s new product Workflo+. I created some of the elements in Illustrator to ensure it had that 2D vector feel. Also story boarded this video my self.

Family Business Awards Ceremony Videos

Family Business Award

One of the videos made for the Family Business Awards

I was asked by Affari Media to help edit and create a series of videos for all the different awards at the Family Business Award Ceremony that was to be held in London. Above is an opening video introducing one of the judging panels. There were 13 awards in total, each needing multiple videos all to be completed and sent within under a week.


Community Spirit

Over the past year I have created two successful fitness groups within my local community; one for women to try various sports with no pressure. The other a running club for anyone and all ages every Saturday morning finishing off at a local cafe to enjoy their Cinnamon Buns.


Koselig Cafe Posters

Posters and menu’s for a quirky Scandinavian inspired Cafe.

Character Illustrations for Books

Ugly Gourmet Recipes for Kids

A summary of food creatures designed for a children’s cookbook.


Odd the Coward: The Bravest Viking

Viking Concept

Created on the iPad

Below is my drawing process; starting from my line drawing to the concept piece above.


Into the Woods

The Bearded Man

Created using the App Procreate on the iPad

For a tale about the bearded wizard protecting the forest

F2P mobile game design and concepts

Oggy Dash


This is some concept work I did for 2Pugs mobile game; Oggy Dash. Everything was first hand drawn using Procreate on iPad, before exporting to Illustrator; creating Sprite sheets for Unity. To aid the programmers I created small animated visuals using the assets. Below is a video of Oggy eating and swimming, (put together in After Effects).



F2P game concept based on the boardgame Beehive. Initial wireframes sketched up and then mocked up in Illustrator for development team


Donut Eat Me

First Character design for F2P ‘Donut Eat Me’ side-scrolling endless runner game


3d Renders

Selection of renders for the 101 and 102 glasses showcased at CES Las Vegas 2014, plus the Golden I Headset for Ikanos consulting. Using Maya to model and textured before rendering with Mental Ray. Post-production work was done in Photoshop and After Effects.