Heart of a Viking

My final film created during my time at The Animation Workshop, Denmark (Top 9th Animation school, in the world). 26 days, one woman, one machine and one global pandemic.

Everything from idea to final renders all done in the 26 days deadline, under the wondeful guidance of my mentors from my little office here in the UK.

Is it good enough? A great Tutor pointed out to me that if you’ve done everything you can within the constraints that you have, then yes it is.


Character Illustrations for Books

Ugly Gourmet Recipes for Kids

A summary of food creatures designed for a children’s cookbook.


Odd the Coward: The Bravest Viking

Viking Concept

Created on the iPad

Below is my drawing process; starting from my line drawing to the concept piece above.


Into the Woods

The Bearded Man

Created using the App Procreate on the iPad

For a tale about the bearded wizard protecting the forest